Medical Subscriptions

Medical Subscriptions


Szanowni Państwo, Prosimy o zapoznanie się z poniższym komunikatem:



Health is a special, superior value in human life. Deterioration and loss of health cause not only individual but also social consequences, in particular for the workplace.

Although health insurance under the National Health Fund provides theoretically a wide range of health services, the interest in private care has been growing for years. It results directly from the limited availability and low quality of medical services offered under the state health insurance. The response of the medical services market to the above needs of clients is the so-called medical subscription.

Medical subscription is a service offered by medical service market providers, the subject of which is related to the provision of health services to eligible patients in a fixed range in exchange for a periodic lump sum payment. Due to quick access to benefits, subscriptions facilitate the organization of working time.

Therefore, in the interest of your health, we would like to propose the use of the private medical care system in the form of the so-called medical subscription offered by Medyk Medical Center

We offer 3 different (in terms of the type of guaranteed benefits and prices) benefits packages:

1. Silver Package.

2. Gold Package.

3. Platinum Package.

The detailed scope of guaranteed services within individual packages and the proposed prices are available in the sales department and can be presented at your request.

Accessibility, quality and a wide range of health services offered in the subscription are used to quickly detect and eliminate health problems.

Please contact us with any further questions!



Medical packages for companies:

tel. 509 890 953
tel. 533 345 815

Medical packages for individual clients:

tel. 509 890 953

Preventive actions, health programs for companies:

tel. 574 995 831

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