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30 years of concern for our patients...

For 30 years, the MEDYK Medical Center, with the help of its experienced and professional medical staff, cares for the health and wellbeing of the of the entire Subcarpathian Province population. We provide health services throughout the region under contracts with the National Health Fund and in private practices. Throughout those years thousands of patients have trusted us. Currently, our health care system covers over 550,000 people. We are the largest institution associated with workplaces in Rzeszów and the surrounding areas.


MEDYK Medical Center was founded in 1989 by Stanisław Mazur M.D., a specialist in internal medicine and a cardiologist, who over the years opened new facilities in various parts of Subcarpatian Province. Today, there are 30 of them. The dynamic development and the growing number of patients means that our company is constantly expanding its staff. Currently, we employ over 850 employees, including over 200 doctors of various specialties.

MEDYK’s offer is very wide. We have modern medical equipment: CT, ultrasound and x-ray machines, echocardiograms, endoscopes, mammograms, laboratory equipment, ophthalmology, dental, surgery, cardiology and rehabilitation equipment. We are proud to offer large versatility of services and short deadlines for their implementation.

We have modern medical equipment at our disposal:

  • Ultrasound
  • echocardiographs
  • endoscopes
  • mammograms
  • laboratory equipment
  • opthalmic
  • dental
  • surgical
  • cardiological
  • rehabilitation

We are characterized by versatility of research and short lead times.

Our company’s headquarter is located at 1 Szopena St in Rzeszów, where a specialist clinic with a professionally equipped dialysis station and a medical research laboratory is located.


With our patients in mind, we are constantly expanding our business.

To maintain the position of the leading medical center in the country by improving the quality of service in all areas of activity and constant development and training of employees. We want our work to result in the recognition of our patients. In addition to professional care, we also conduct free preventive examinations in the field of early detection: cardiovascular diseases, cervical cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. .

One of our strongest pillars is Domestic and International Medical Transport. We have a fleet of modern ambulances, which are equipped with specialized medical equipment. We provide transport services under an agreement with the NHF and for the private use. We also offer professional medical support for sport and entertainment events of global rank, such as the World Festival of Polish Diaspora Folklore. We also run a Health Education Center.

Our Mission

The mission of MEDYK Medical Center is to improve the quality of life of people in need of primary and specialty medical care. We strive to provide high quality services in the field of health care, medical rehabilitation, multi-profile diagnostics, as well as prevention and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain the position of the leading medical center in the country by improving the quality of service in all areas of activity and constant development and training of employees. We want our work to result in the recognition of our patients. Our team consists of health care physicians who diagnose, help, carry out therapeutic processes and educate – until full recovery. We implement our concepts in practice, building networks of clinics and actively participating in repairing and changing the healthcare system in Poland. We create a new quality of Polish health clinics.

As a growing company, we constantly set new goals to be able to implement the objectives of our mission and vision. The strategy adopted by the Board of Directors of Medyk Medical Center is:

  • creating a stable and modern health care facility with the highest level of medical services, adapted to the needs and expectations of patients in a changing environment,
  • creating optimal conditions conducive to rapid improvement of patients’ health, taking into account their individual needs and expectations,,
  • further development of commercial medical and non-medical services,
  • increasing the share of commercial patients,
  • adaptation of diagnostic infrastructure to current and applicable standards,
  • maintaining the financial stability, which is the key priority in the short and long term.
  • the development of aesthetic medicine as a response to the changing needs of a society
  • bringing patients comfort by maintaining high quality service provided by professional and friendly staff,
  • promoting a healthy and active lifestyle by running preventive programs and sharing knowledge about proper eating and healthy habits.

Our offer is also addressed to foreigners. Our employees speak many languages: English, German, French, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian and Bulgarian. We also use a sign language.

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