heart failure

For the last9 years we have been conducting special workshops for patients who had a heart attack The patron of the action is the Polish Society of Cardiology with doctors from Rzeszów hospitals and clinics, the Mayor of the City of Rzeszów and local media. During workshops, patients learn how to recognize a heart attack, arrhythmia, hypertension, stroke, hemorrhage, embolism, cardiac arrest, etc. Learn what to do if imediate doctor attantion is needed, when to call an ambulance, how to resuscitate a person and what is the best treatment and diet to help mitigate different heart conditions. During the meetings, all participants can conduct tests to check carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism by testing: urine (UACR) and blood (HbA1C, creatinine, eGFR, lipidogram).

Additionaly we launched the 5-year “Heart Failure” program planned for approximately 10,000 patients and thousand nurses from the Podkarpackie region. The program includes education in cardiovascular diseases. By improving knowledge, we can improve the quality of life and extend the lives of Poles living with a heart disease.



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