The MEDYK Medical Center laboratory has been operating since 1994. It has been entered in the records of the National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians and meets legal and organizational requirements for the functioning of diagnostic laboratories. We currently have over 80 collection points throughout the region. Each laboratory is equipped with modern equipment of reputable diagnostic companies. Our employees are an experienced, highly qualified team that provides professional service at collection points and reliable research.

We provide laboratory diagnostics services for external contractors, to whom we offer::

  • a wide range of tests tailored to the needs of our clients
  • appropriate material collection equipment
  • transport of samples to the laboratory
  • training of collection point employees
  • providing on-line research results with separate access passwords for each contractor.

We are also an authorized center where you can download material for DNA testing to determine paternity and kinship. The tests are performed at the DNA Research Institute in Warsaw on behalf of courts and private individuals.

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ul. Szopena 1
35-055 Rzeszów
e-mail: lab@medyk.rzeszow.pl
tel.: 17 850 93 81
fax: 17 850 93 47