Daily Psychogeriatric Center
– Rzeszów

Daily Psychogeriatric Center
– Rzeszów

For who?
The offer is directed to patients who have reached the age of 60.
All-day stay from 8:00 – 16:00 (Monday to Friday) includes diagnostics, treatment and psychotherapy of people with psychotic, depressive and organic mental disorders (except for advanced dementias). We recommend our services mainly to people who:
  • feel severe loneliness, , loss and helplessness,
  • deal with anxiety and sadness,
  • lost the meaning of life,
  • have trouble sleeping, concentrating and making decisions.
Patients must be physically and mentally fit to the extent that allows them to participate in classes and to get to the ward and return home on their own.

Qualification rules:

Qualification is made by specialist in psychiatry at the outpatient clinic at

Dąbrowskiego 33 A (opposite the Provincial Police Headquarters) on Tuesdays at 14:00-15:00

What should patients take with them?

  1. referral from primary care physician or other physician in charge of patient care,
  2. recent medical or other examinations e.g. the most up-to-date hospital treatment information cards,
  3. list of chronic diseases,
  4. a list of all taken medications,
  5. health certificate from a primary care physician.
Please call 17 865 20 98 or 17 865 20 93 for more information.