Special Event Medical Services

Special Event Medical Services

MEDYK Medical Center offers dedicated ambulance and special event medical coverage. The company employs qualified medical rescuers who are constantly training and gaining experience in this field. Dozens of organizers of various types of events have trusted us,We provide medical covarage for social, medical, cultural and sports events. We offer professional, comprehensive medical care utilizing emergency equipment, doctors, nurses and emergency medical specialists who have repeatedly demonstrated their high skills in providing medical assistance and saving lives.

  • We adjust the number of EMT personnel and the type of protection depending on the expected number of participants and the area and type of event.
  • Our equipment allows us to provide assistance at the scene.
  • Depending on the size of the event, we run one or several permanent medical points (field outpatient clinics) appropriately marked.
  • Our staff is present throughout the event (we start half an hour before the event and finish half an hour after it).
  • W also perform preventive blood sugar level and blood pressure measurements.
  • We have ambulances with professional medical equipment.
  • Depending on client’s wishes, the ambulance can be deployed as permanent security point and be permanently in the area of the event, or come to the area only when it is necessary.

The most important events that we periodically secure:

  • World Festival of Polonia Bands in Rzeszów;
  • Juwenalia of Rzeszów Universities;
  • Car Rally at the Rzeszów University of Technology;
  • International Euroregional Indoor Football Tournament;
  • One Heart, One Spirit concert;
  • Events organized by the City of Rzeszów;
  •  other special events.

Our highly specialized and professional staff equipped with the latest technology will allow you to forget about problems related to health safety at mass events.

tel. 519 177 881

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