Travel medicine

Travel medicine

Going on vacation? Remember that essential part of planning a trip should be focused on your health, especially when you are traveling to tropical countries or those where sanitary conditions deviate from European standards.
Remember vaccination – it’s one of the best ways to prevent infectious diseases. Vaccination is a safe and effective form of prevention, using the body’s natural defenses and providing immunity for a long time.

When to go to the consultation?
Why should you consult a specialist?
Your doctor will choose the appropriate vaccination suited to the route and destination and will provide you with valuable preventive advice allowing you to fully enjoy your vacation:

The table above lists the diseases taht we can vaccinate against. The final decision on the type of vaccine used is made at the visit qualifying for vaccination by a specialist doctor and is conditioned by medical indications and the availability of the vacine.

The cost of medical travel consultation is 70 PLN.

Do you want to check which vaccinations are compulsory in each country? Download current recommendations:  TRAVEL MEDICINE





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